Our Naturopaths


Our Naturopaths

At The Nest, our naturopaths are handpicked from Huckleberry's 10 stores. Whether you are just starting your health journey and need holistic advice or have a specific issue, our naturopaths are here to help.

We offer 60 or 90 minute appointments with 30 minute follow ups available. Our naturopaths have a range of specialties so it's worth reading about them below before making your appointment.



Kim Wessels

Kim Wessels is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and has been working for Huckleberry since graduating in 2006. Kim heads up the growing team of Naturopaths for the Huckleberry group and has experience with a wide range of acute/chronic health conditions for the whole family. She is passionate about empowering and educating clients on their journey to achieve the best possible health. She practices an holistic approach and considers not just the physical symptoms but all aspects of the client including the impact of environmental factors, diet and lifestyle. Kim utilises herbal and nutritional and energy medicine (Homeobotanicals and Bach Flower Remedies) as part of her prescribing.


Cristina Mendez

Cristina is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist who is passionate about empowering people through education and motivation to ensure they have the necessary tools to effectively address any current health concerns and achieve their health goals. She embraces the belief that exploring all aspects of health is essential for optimal wellbeing, that the relationship between our emotions, our thoughts and our bodies are intrinsically linked and deeply affect our health. Cristina has a special interest in supporting people with chronic illness, insomnia, stress and anxiety and practicing evidence-based naturopathic medicine, integrated with traditional wisdom.


Kate Dalliessi

In 2008, Kate’s introduction to natural health and wellbeing began when she was training to become a relaxation massage therapist. Intrigued by the marvellous strength, beauty and sophistication of the human body she wanted to know more. Since then Kate has recently completed studies at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies as a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist and is currently one of the in-store Naturopaths at Huckleberry Royal Oak and New Lynn. Her approach in practise focuses on an individuals mind, body, spirit and environment connections and provides a gentle and nurturing space for whole body healing.


Louise McNicoll

Louise McNicoll has Bachelor of Natural Medicine from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine and is the head Naturopath at Huckleberry New Lynn. She qualified in 2013 and has 10 years’ experience in the natural health industry overall. Louise specializes in stress management and supporting mental health related issues. She utilises herbs and supplements as well as supporting clients with individualised and achievable lifestyle/nutritional changes. Louise has always had a connection with nature and the use of natural medicines for treating disease. It was this connection that was the driving force behind her wanting to become a Naturopath.


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