Naturopathy FAQ



Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of non-invasive practices and promotes self-healing. 

A naturopath is a health practitioner who applies natural therapies to their practice. At a time when modern technology, environmental pollution, poor diet, and stress play a significant role in the degradation of health, a naturopath’s ability to apply natural methods of healing is of considerable importance. Frequently, a naturopath is the last resort in a client's long search for health. Providing personalised care to each client, naturopaths seek to 'heal the whole' through a holistic unity of body, mind, and spirit.


Naturopathy FAQ

Incase you are still a little unsure of what to expect, we have put together some frequently asked questions. If you have further queries we’d love to hear from you.


Why would I see a naturopath at The Nest?

Our team of naturopaths are handpicked from our 10 Huckleberry stores. We see hundreds of cases a week in store and allow only 15 minutes maximum for acute in store consultations. However, we understand many cases are complex and as a client you deserve more time than what our in store naturopaths may be able to offer. If you resonate with one of our in store naturopaths you can book yourself in for a 1:1 consultation with them directly.


Do I need to be sick to see a naturopath? 

No, you do not need to have a health condition to see a naturopath. You might want to lose weight, understand your hormones, improve gut health or energy levels. You may be suffering insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression. Or you may just want to tidy up your lifestyle and need some direction on how to do so naturally and sustainably.


How can I book a consultation?

Bookings can be made in store with one of our naturopath or you can book online. You can always email us if the system is unclear.


There are two ways to do this. Firstly, if there is a specific naturopath you would like to see, you can head to our naturopaths and click ‘Book with *Name*’ button by their bio. It will take you through to their availability and you will be able to confirm your booking online. Or secondly, if you have no preference of who you see, the best way to book is to head straight to our clinic, select the ‘appointment type’, leave the therapist on ‘all therapists’ and press ‘search’. From here you will be able to see who is available and on what day and make your booking accordingly.

How can I see when each naturopath is available?


What do I need to do before my consultation?

Before your consultation you will be sent a health history form which we ask you to fill out. This is so that the time you are with the naturopath can be maximised and so they can be prepared for your consultation together as they have a background of previous health and family history.


How long is a naturopathic consultation? 

We encourage 1 – 1.5 hours for the initial consultation. Initial consultations are in depth and through. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes.  


What will we talk about in 1 or 1.5 hours?

This truly is a case-by-case basis but as naturopaths, we first and foremost believe in treating the whole person. Your naturopath will break down your current lifestyle, ask about your habits, living situation, stress, work, family life – the list is expansive and very individual to each case. They may ask for more information on something that was written in your health history form or they may just hold the space you need to talk about your situation in a way you have not been able to before. A lot of what a naturopath does revolves around educating the client. Therefore we ensure you have an understanding of the steps that will be taken in your wellness journey with us and we aim to empower you with new-found knowledge and understanding of your own body.


Why would I book and 1.5 hour consult instead of a 1 hour consult?

This will be decided on how complex your case may be. As an example, if you have an extensive health history, a debilitating or long-term chronic condition, or if a lot of investigation is required you may wish to book in for 1.5 over a 1 hour consultation. If you have any queries about this please contact us with a little bit of information about your situation, or see one of the naturopaths in the store, and we can let you know which consultation duration would suit you best.


Why do I need to pre-book?

Our clinic, also based as a yoga studio, has a pre-booking only policy. Clinic hours are based around the hours which our naturopaths are available, it isn’t open all day/everyday. Therefore, booking is required. 


Why do would I need to have follow-up appointment?

Many of us are so used to taking a pill and experiencing immediate change. This may not be the case with natural medicine. Healing can sometimes take months or years depending on what your condition is. There is generally more than one area which your naturopath will need to focus on, which cannot always be done more than once, so to get the right level of care you deserve we highly recommend you book in for another follow-up appointment.


What happens after my consultation?

Depending on your case, the naturopath may require to make you up a herbal prescription or provide you with nutritional support. In our New Lynn store we have a full herbal dispensary which this will be done at. While the naturopath is preparing your prescription you can wander our organic store or visit the café. Herbal formula and any product recommendations are to be paid for via the checkout in the store.


What happens if I need to cancel my consultation? 

Early cancel up to 24 hours before your naturopathic appointment and you will not be charged. Please contact us to reschedule or arrange a refund if you have prepaid. If a naturopathic appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of its start time this is a late cancel and you will be charged 50% of the total appointment cost. You will be charged the full total for an appointment you do not attend. 


We love hearing from you!

If there is anything we haven't covered in our FAQ's please drop us an email.