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Our Yoga Teachers

Our passionate team of teachers offer a range of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin. Our classes are designed for all levels, and are just as fitting for those just starting out on their yoga journey as what they are for those who have been practicing yoga for sometime. Our spacious, well-lit studio is the perfect setting for you to deepen your practice. 

We look forward to welcoming you onto your mat sometime soon. 



Nikola Magerkorth

Home Studio: New Lynn & Browns Bay

Nikola Magerkorth is an advocate for ‘healing the whole’. As a corporate escape, Nik holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Otago and has recently finished her Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine with Wellpark Collage of Natural Therapies. With a Diploma of Yoga from the Himalayan Yoga Institute, she has over nine years of personal yoga practice and five years of teaching experience. RYT200 trained, she is a passionate yoga teacher and fuses her natural leadership qualities alongside her knowledge, passion, experience and LOVE of yoga and mindfulness to create highly specialised and individualised classes. Her aim is to make yoga intentional and accessible for all. Nik believes wellbeing begins with the power of self-love. In a world that tells us not to love our self, nurturing and grounding practices offer us a way to reconnect with ourselves and others.


Bonnie O'Neil

Home studio: New Lynn

Yoga has been a passion of Bonnie's for over 20 years. As well as teaching the physical components of Yoga (Ashtanga and Hatha variations), she teaches healthy living, mindfulness, meditation and philosophy. As a professional life coach, Bonnie offers tools and techniques to help you discover what you really want, and will assist you in achieving those goals. She is also a professional communicator offering both private and corporate communication solutions. Bonnie's aim is to guide you towards a life that is empowered and aligned with who you really are. All you need to do is be willing to change.

Live Well. Be Brave.


Tanya Holack

Home Studio: New Lynn & Browns Bay

On her own personal yoga journey to find peace, balance and happiness in her busy life Tanya found that her passion for yoga was too exciting not to share with others and decided to train and complete her 200hrs Teaching Training in New Zealand. Tanya’s classes are inspired by wanting her students to leave feeling empowered by their practice, energised and fulfilled in their own individual journeys with her guidance through the power of energy flow and mindfulness. Tanya teaches a mix of styles, ranging from Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin. Her ongoing passion also is to guide our younger generation with her kids yoga classes. 


Kellie Michelle

Home Studio: New Lynn

Kellie is a classically trained yoga teacher, with a background in dance and performing arts. Her yoga practice began in 2001 and she been teaching yoga since 2015. Kellie leads a dynamic class with an emphasis on creating a functional and intuitive practice. With a deep understanding of our increasing need to find balance and stillness in the busy modern life; Kellie teaches to guide others towards a deeper level of connection, using movement, mindfulness, breath and awareness. She has a great passion for Yoga Nidra and understands the need for grounding, nurturing practices in our modern lifestyle. 


Bee Gunson

Home Studio: New Lynn

Rebecca is a trained Ashtanga and Restoritive yoga teacher with a love for dance movement and sound healing. She has recently moved back to New Zealand after living overseas for a number of years, mainly in Byron Bay, Australia and Bali. She teaches in an intuitive way, guiding students to feel and trust in the body intelligence. Yoga is a way of life for Rebecca as she believes the real practise is when you take it off the mat and in to the world. It has helped Rebecca to centre herself as well as learn how to move and breathe in an embodied way with an open heart. She is looking forward to sharing her wisdom at The Nest. 


Charlotte Inglis

Home Studio: New Lynn

Charlotte is a yogi, mum, nature wanderer and event planner. Initially Charlotte started the physical practice of yoga over 10 years ago, however it became more consistent after the birth of her second child. She first started practicing to complement her fitness regime, however she became hooked when she noticed it was helping her unwind, de-stress and develop a deeper understanding of her whole-self. Trained at the Contemporary School of Yoga here in Auckland, Charlotte shares the belief that the practice of yoga enables us to experience life in a calmer and more balanced manner, and live in a healthier way. Charlotte brings warmth, passion and a deep understanding that everyone’s own practice is different, even on a daily basis our own practice can differ and offer different benefits within. She encourages stillness within her teachings, however she believes it is also through conscious movement that we can create a sense of freedom, presenting space to explore ourselves.


Rebecca Henderson

Home Studio: Browns Bay

Rebecca teaches a hatha based practice (breath/body movement) that contains a series of sequenced movements linked to the ease and flow of the breath, and with attention on safety and alignment. Bec's holds a RYT200 hour teacher training certificate and has been practising herself for over 10 years. As a mother of two, and a part time Marketing Consultant, Bec’s practices yoga to help her to find gratitude, perspective and balance in her busy life. Her style of teaching is great for anyone who wants to practice at a relaxed, yet steady pace to build a solid foundation for getting to know their body. Bec's enjoys yoga as it helps to bring balance into her life. Yoga helps her to clear and calm her mind, and find gratitude and perspective in her busy life.


Tarryn Bellingham

Home Studio: Browns Bay

Tarryn teaches a gentle Hatha / Yin yoga style with a large focus on breath work and mindful movement. Practised more slowly and with more static posture holds, her classes are about taking your foot off the accelerator of life for an hour. Tarryn’s classes are for all levels – if you can breathe, you can do yoga. There will always be a juicy and restorative meditation practice at the end of her classes. Tarryn’s intention is to give her students the tools to release stress, nourish the body and ignite a deeper internal awareness. Tarryn is a RYT200 hour trained yoga teacher and a Corporate Wellness Adviser with a passion for educating people about living in the stress lane. Tarryn is also mum to Ruby and step mum to Eva and Sophie – the feminine energy runs strong in our household – lucky hubby!


Tasha teaches an active energising flow in a calm and gentle manner, with a strong a focus on alignment. Although she may lead the flow, She likes to create space for the students as she believes everyone is their own best teacher. Classes are fun, light-hearted, and change from week to week to keep her and the students present and mindful. She teaches as open level class, with many options for all. Tasha encourages students to respect the bodies physical and mental boundaries, as yoga should be used as a tool to heal and reset the body and mind. Tasha will forever feel like a student, constantly learning from all the wonderful yogi’s around her.

Tasha Francis

Home Studio: Browns Bay


Sophie Watson

Home Studio: Browns Bay 

Yoga has been a part of Sophie's life after a sporting injury in 2012. Her practice has helped her to grow stronger, more flexible and mindful both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires Sophie to live my life in the present moment. She completed her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, the home of yoga and has loved incorporating this ancient science into her lifestyle and teaching. Sophie loves to combine creative sequencing and a spirit of playfulness to her classes so be sure to leave light hearted and grateful. 


Samantha Elliot

Home Studio: New Lynn

Yoga has a been a passion of Sam's since she was introduced to it at her boarding school in Dunedin at the age of 16. She carried on with her practice through her 20's whilst pursuing a career in Interior Architecture. A point came in her life when she realised she needed a better work/life balance and cut back on the corporate desk life! So she decided to study Ashram Yogas 200hr yoga teacher training and was eager to share her experiences and knowledge with people from that point on! Sam is a great advocate for yoga fitting the body as opposed to the body fitting a pose. She has a love of pranayama and loves sharing the grounding the mind and soul.  She loves the idea of giving people guidance in the world where we could do with more quiet and self love.


MaryAnne Burton

Home Studio: Browns Bay

MaryAnne has been practicing yoga for 35 years, with a strong practice forming over the last 5 years after leaving full time work. Three years ago MaryAnne decided to embark on the journey of teacher training. She has completed her Jayayoga 200hr teacher training in 2016 and has since deepened her training with 9 hrs YIN training, 50 hrs REMEDIAL YOGA and in August will be attending another 20 hrs YOGA FOR SENIORS AND OLDER GROWN-UPS. MaryAnne love’s yoga and has experienced the many benefits through the challenges in my life both physical and emotional. Diagnosed with breast cancer and having a mastectomy 15 years ago, it was yoga that helped to heal MaryAnne. It assisted in her emotional recovery and physically yoga helped get her flexibility, general mobility and strength back. MaryAnne has experienced the benefits of yoga for ageing with balance strength and flexibility. She has a passion for teaching yin yoga, and cannot wait to share it's benefits for the body and mind with you.


Emmy Nilsson

Home Studio: New Lynn

Emmy is a dedicated Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practitioner with a strong personal practice as taught by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India. She’s a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and has been teaching weekly sense 2015. At the age 18 Emmy left Sweden to go to India for four months. During that time she immersed herself in Indian culture and philosophy and was introduced to yoga which soon became a deeply rooted passion. Since 2012, while living in New Zealand, her love for yoga led her to a one year 500-hour part-time yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at the Yoga Academy in Auckland. Emmy loves being a yoga teacher: meeting people from all walks of life, sharing her passion for Ashtanga with her students and taking them on a journey of personal development and transformation. She applies the teachings of yoga in all aspects of her life including her relationships and attitude towards the environment and the world as a whole.